Watched, Lately

It’s rare that there are multiple movies out in the theaters that I want to see but this fall, the actors/producers/Theater Gods delivered. I’ve seen three movies in three weeks, all in theaters which is a record for me.

Murder on the Orient Express. What. A. Good. Movie. The cast was well chosen, the direction and artistic shots were perfect. Even though I knew how it ended I was on the edge of my seat as the movie unfolded. With a dynamite cast (Dame Judi Dench, Michelle Pfeiffer, Johnny Depp, Josh Gadd, Penelope Cruze and others you’d recognize), a whole lot of “whodunnit,” with some love thrown in, this was a great pick. Both the guys in my life enjoyed the flick and it probably helped that we had full recliner seats to watch it from. (I’m a fan of this new movie-going experience: reclining seats, full service menu, bar, etc. How did we ever go to the movies with just popcorn, soda and candy?)

The Man Who Invented Christmas. Growing up in my family it was a tradition to read A Christmas Carol in its entirety each December for Christmas, as a family, often by the fire, with snacks, no devices and just the four of us. It is one of my most favorite traditions and many of my holiday memories stem from the fireplace room at my parents’ house. When I saw the preview for this movie, featuring Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey and Beauty and the Beast (you are welcome, fellow Dan Stevens lovers) I knew we had to go. It covers how Charles Dickens may have written the novella, how the characters were inspired. It’s sure to be a Christmas classic, it’s not too long, the costumes are great, there are British accents to delight you if you like that sort of thing and since you already know the ending, you don’t have to worry too much. I did learn quite a bit about Dickens upbringing – all true according to the research I did after seeing the movie – and it gave me a new appreciation for all he accomplished in his life.

Wonder. My friend Lisa and I went to see this during our Girls Gone Mild weekend. Bring tissues. Lots of them. Even if you have read the book, you will still want the tissues. The directors/producers were pretty true to the book – only a few things were changed and likely due to length or because it didn’t change the point of the story. A must see for all kids in elementary and high school. And adults who are jerkfaces, too. (Also, can we talk about how adorable and handsome the actor portraying Mr. Browne was? Sheesh!) Julia Roberts as Auggie’s mom made me cry several times, reminding me, I suppose, of my own mom.

I have my eye on some more mainstream movies: Bad Moms Christmas; Jumanji (any excuse to see the Rock is ok in my book); Ferdinand the Bull (hopefully when the girls visit later this month).

How often do you get to the theater to see a movie? Any thing you have your eye on as we approach the award season? 

3 thoughts on “Watched, Lately

  1. I’m so bad at seeing movies in theaters! I just don’t make the time for it, and the expense always makes me cringe haha. The last movie I saw was Marshall and before that… Beauty and the Beast, I think? Eek!


  2. I’m so glad that we got to see Wonder together! I thought that it was excellent! Definitely tugged at the heart strings for sure!

    I very, very, very rarely see movies. I think that was my 2nd this year! But I always enjoy them when I go so should make a point to see more. I want to read Murder on the Orient Express before I see the movie so I probably won’t catch it when it’s in theaters. But I want to try to see the Man Who Invented Christmas!


  3. Love the theatre and live performances during the holidays..symphony, jazz clubs like the Dark Room in Grandel, sky lounge and The Wolf in Ellisville and Webster Rep…looking forward to The Rocks new Jumanji too..and love to read Christmas literature aloud too, like O’Henry’s Gift of the Magi and The Last Leaf and,of course, Dickens Christmas Carol…God bless us everyone!


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