No Shame in my game

A brief list of things I’m doing lately that I have no shame in or about…

  • Reading Christmas novels or novellas. Yes, it’s before Thanksgiving. Yes, I know this annoys some people but you know what? I don’t care. I love these stories. They make me happy and keep me turning the pages, with endings that are both satisfying and most of the time, quite happy
  • Taking naps. I may be early 30s (34 is still early 30s, right?) but some days, thanks to the immuno/chemo, I have to call it a day and take a snooze. I wake up refreshed and with more energy so obviously they are both needed and working
  • Tuning into the Hallmark Channel for cheesy Christmas movies. Oh, I know, Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving – again – but here is the thing: ever since my mom passed away, I have a love/hate with Christmas. Some things I love: sending out and receiving Christmas cards, decorating for Christmas, looking at Christmas lights, finding fun holiday outfits to wear but other things are hard, like watching some of the more traditional holiday movies (Love Actually, The Holiday, You’ve Got Mail) because they remind me too much of my mom and usually moments in I’m sobbing so…. when I want to watch a Christmas movie with no memories attached, the Hallmark Channel it is
  • Allowing people to bring me meals or send me gift cards. I wanted really badly to be Super Woman during my immuno/chemo treatments and in some ways I have been (not taking any days off of work, managing some some semblance of a workout routine even if not always consistent) but other things like having the energy to work all day + cook + clean…. yeah, not happening. I’m so thankful to those who have helped me so far as it’s been a great relief and great help.
  • A weekly treat for myself at Barnes & Noble, usually in the form of a hot chocolate – or peppermint one since they are now out – when I hang with my guys as we chat, look at magazines and enjoy one another’s company.

What are you enjoying lately that you have no shame over?

3 thoughts on “No Shame in my game

  1. Self care is so important – especially when you are going through a difficult series of treatments. I am impressed that you haven’t taken any full days off from work! I am sure it helps that you can work from home on days when you aren’t feeling great. It’s nice to have that option so you don’t have to burn through your vacation days. I’ve done that quite a bit with all the flares I’ve had this fall.

    Things I am doing these days that I have no shame over is reading tons! I can’t workout since I keep getting flares so I spend a lot more time reading than I ever have! I also take naps on the weekends. Lastly I’ve been making fewer social plans than usual and trying to say yes to less as I know that my body needs downtime. It’s hard to now feel shame about this as I feel guilty saying no to things but I know it’s what I need to do for myself right now!


  2. Lately I’ve been eating whatever I want because I am super pregnant and I just don’t care anymore. 3 cookies? Don’t mind if I do. I ate pretty healthy through most of my pregnancy but now that I’m at the end I just don’t care anymore.

    Love those cheesy hallmark Christmas movies!! I’m glad our Thanksgiving is so early so then I never feel guilty about starting to do Christmas stuff in November. Especially since we have a TON of snow and it’s freezing cold here right now!!


  3. You haven’t been taking any days off at work? Did you not have sick time to use or did you genuinely didn’t want to take time off? I cannot imagine going through a treatment like you’re going through right now and still working full time.
    I am glad though you’re taking care of yourself in every other possible way….


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