Currently, October

Reading: The Quilter’s Legacy by Jennifer Chiaverini. I think I read half this book before it had to go back as it’s oddly familiar so hopefully I’ll finish it this week. october
Loving: The fact that my PET scan last week was clear. Still hasn’t totally sunk in, partially because I still have three more treatments to go, partially because it’s all been such a blur but I do have an immense sense of relief over this, partially because I feel crummy from treatment last week but it’s clear! Best news ever.

Feeling: So-so. As I said above, totally relieved for the good news I got at the doc but also dealing with side effects from Treatment Three, namely just feeling kind of crummy. My brain is ready to do all the things but my body isn’t letting me do all I want yet. It will come in time, I know, just frustrating. Also it’s a little hard because some people seem to think I’m “ok,” now that I got the good news but I’m still dealing with immuno/chemo and all that means until end of November. Balancing expectations and thoughts of others is challenging.

Thinking: About what’s next for me. Lots of good things ahead, just need to pick my next goal/project/ambition and get after it.

Anticipating: Celebrating five years of marriage to the Hubs this Friday. We have a getaway planned and it couldn’t come at a better time. The time surely does fly by, doesn’t it?

Watching: Depends on the day! Lately it’s been Will & Grace on Hulu because it’s so light and fun. If I want something more serious, I’ll switch to Once Upon A Time on Netflix.

Working: On lots of things around the house, cleaning up piles, decluttering, organizing, and helping the Hubs with some of the last of our new door home project.

Grateful: Friends. Family. Healthcare. Docs who know what they are doing. Prayers. My tribe. Healthy news. The ability to have a flexible schedule so I can work from home when I don’t feel up to going to the office.

Listening: at the time I’m writing this, sounds of the laundry, the sprinkler hitting the pavement outside and birds. Also, there is a really annoying chirp from someone’s smoke/fire detector nearby and it’s making me crazy. It is not in our house but seems to be coming from the house over the hill from us. So weird.

Wishing: Right now, that I could get a hug from my mom. That’s about it.

As always, I have a million, trillion books on my shelf to read but any recommendations for a good vacation book?

7 thoughts on “Currently, October

  1. So thankful for the good news you got! It’s always fascinating to me the way others will put their expectations on your personal journey. I am sure I used to be guilty of this but these days I try to be cognizant that every one is walking through their own journey and I am not privy to all the details so it’s my responsibility to cheer, encourage and show support but not to tell them what to do or how to do it. Time really does fly! That’s so great that you have a get away planned! I picked up Mary Alice Monroe’s Summer Girls series, it was a recommendation based on my love of the Low Country Boil series. I really enjoyed the stories!


  2. I am so relieved that you got good news from your PET scan! But I totally understand that you aren’t really ‘ok’. It’s not like it’s a switch that gets flipped. It’s good news, of course, but you have more treatments to get through and dealing with the C word, even when the prognosis is so good, is not something you can just ‘get over’.

    I’m glad you guys have a fun getaway to look forward to. Hopefully you’ll be feeling better by the time the trip rolls around so you can really enjoy it! Have you read any J. Courtney Sullivan books? Hers are great vacation reads. My favorite is The Engagements!


  3. Hooray to a clear PET scan, but I also understand that it’s hard to celebrate when you’re still going through chemo and dealing with the after-effects of it. ❤

    I'm so glad you have a getaway coming up with your husband. I think the both of you need something fun like this to celebrate five years of marriage. (FIVE YEARS!)


  4. I am so glad your scan was a good one! I hope that you will soon start to feel better and will be on the up and up in no time!

    It’s funny that you think that you read part of that book already. I have done that! I sometimes get quite far before realizing it. However, now that there is Goodreads it does not happen quite as much, but there are a lot of books that I read earlier in life that I haven’t logged and so it does happen!


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