Anybody reading?

It’s a good thing I didn’t spend a lot of money on this new site, eh? Leave it to life happening and getting in the way.

Things that have happened since I last wrote…

  • My adorable step daughters spent the summer with us. Time flew by as it so often does when you’re having fun. We had more laughter and bonding this summer than we did tears, so I consider that a big win. In the blink of an eye, the kiddos were off, back to their winter/spring home and we are left here with a quiet house and hearts that miss them like crazy
  • I started immuno/chemotherapy because Cancer. It’s been a surreal ride and I’m still processing, grappling and dealing with it. Most days I’m great both in terms of how I feel, what I can do and my mental state… other days are tough from a fatigue standpoint and I question everything (are the meds working? is it ok for me to eat this? did I rest enough? wash my hands enough? can people tell?). I am thankful for a great prognosis, catching it early and all sorts of other things including but not limited to: healthcare, friends and family, a husband who is the most supportive and the sweetest, streaming Netflix/Hulu to distract me, my old grumpy dog, a brother who researches Eastern Medicine options and helps me to get started on a path that will keep me healthy for life. Eventually, hopefully, maybe I’ll write a bit about the process to diagnosis and what I’m experiencing. Maybe it will help others, maybe it will help me. Either way, I’m committed to fighting and winning this detour and speed bump in my life path.
  • Work. Work has been insane. Lots of professional changes took place for me back in April, all very good ones, but I was working 60+ hours a week for a while there which was not sustainable. Thankfully it’s back to mostly normal and smoother sailing.
  • Reading, but not as much as I would like. I set a goal of 65 books for this year and I’m at a whopping 33. I blame the craziness of the spring/summer on my lack of reading. I’m getting back into it now as it’s an excellent form of distraction and there are just so many books out there that I want to read. I’m still guilty of leaving the library holding no less than a stack of four books, at least four on my Nook (from the library), and then countless books on my shelves that are waiting and begging to be read.

I am definitely out of the blog loop: writing, reading, commenting… but hoping that will change somehow, some way in the coming months.

Tell me what have I missed with you? Any must read blog posts out there? Fill me in!

9 thoughts on “Anybody reading?

  1. Such an angel you are….all around one of the strongest, kinder, most compassionate and giving gals on this or any other planet…love and light and power and life are all yours😎👌💘


  2. Life happens and you’ve had you’re fair share this summer! I’m in a weird season of life- deaths bringing up feelings related to my Dad, job woes and feeling like I have no idea what to do/how to do something new, trying to figure out if I want a child of my own, and then issues with my guy’s exwife that are feeding into our relationship with his son. I think we all should find a lovely deserted tropical island and spend our time relaxing with baked goods and good books.
    Thinking of you often and sending good, healing, strong vibes your way!


  3. I am here… was hoping for an update from you. I read about your diagnosis on Instagram and I am so sorry for what you’re going through, Nora. BUT you’re a positive person and I know you can take on anything…. you had a lot going on, but maybe this blog can be an outlet for you when you need to get stuff off your chest. Let me know if I can do anything for you…. I am thinking of you and sending positive and healing vibes your wa! ❤


  4. I’m still reading and always will! You have had a whirlwind year. Be kind to yourself regarding goals you set this year – life has thrown you quite the curve ball. I’m glad that you have a long list of things that are getting you through this difficult time. I’m in your corner, cheering for you from afar!

    You haven’t missed much in my world and we talk (at least in written word) so frequently that you always know the important stuff going on in my life! I’m enjoying not planning a wedding or spending large sums of money planning said wedding. 🙂 Wedding planning wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it was still a lot of work, especially in a compressed time frame since we had such a short engagement. But I wouldn’t change a thing! We finalized our wedding album (came with our package) so I can’t wait for that to come. I still need to order photos, though, but have nowhere to hang them in our current house so don’t feel super motivated to order any yet – maybe I will this winter!

    Hang in there chickadee. You are one tough gal!


  5. I am here! Man, you have been one busy chick! I have been enjoying seeing your posts with the girls on FB and Instagram; it seems like you guys had a great summer! It also seems like you are really getting the hang on being a bonus mom! I remember reading your blog years ago when you were first starting and it’s amazing how much things have changed!

    You haven’t really missed anything on my blog because I am not really a heavy poster…I am also pretty crap at commenting (late, or never sometimes). But I am thinking of you, and all the ladies!! My summer has been busy hiking, running, hanging out with friends and family and working! I was lucky to go to Wyoming early this month and will be heading to Sweden for vacation in 3 days (yikes)! I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and that things at the chemo go well! PS you can’t tell at all.


  6. I’m always here, friend. ❤ Give yourself buckets of grace through this tough time. But like others have said, you are one tough cookie and I am in your corner, cheering you on.


  7. I am here! Think of you so often these days. You are the toughest person I know. You have endured so much and still manage to stand up so straight and strong. You are going to kick Cancer’s ass.


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