Favorites, Lately

What a busy season this is. Outside everything is blooming and changing and making me sneeze. Professionally things are also changing, molting, morphing, making me feel a bit more frazzled and stressed than I care to admit. Socially it’s a busy time: wedding season is upon us, graduations are around the corner, charity events, outdoor plays, concerts, etc. In less than two months my bonus kiddos come. So, what I’m saying is: life be busy!

In spite of the go-go-go-ness of things, here’s a list of my favorite things, lately.

  • Grace and Frankie on Netflix. I’m savoring Season Three since I know it will be awhile before Season Four is released. (According to this article, they were renewed for a fourth season which makes me oh so happy! Anyone else remember doing Jane Fonda workouts with their mom when they were little?)
  • Finding celebrities on Instagram. I know, totally lame but following people I loved in middle school & high school (ahem, Ethan Embry) to see what they are up to now is making me smile
  • Any meme related to Justin Timberlake + May. Yes, it’s old. Yes, it’s overdone. Yes, I love it. No, I don’t care.
  • Life in Pieces. The Hubs and I recently gave it a try and my goodness, it’s hilarious. A little bit Arrested Development. A little bit Modern Family. A lot of Tom Hanks’ son.
  • Finding really random playlists on Spotify to listen to. My current favorites are “Have a Great Day,” and “All You Need is Love,” an epic Beatles list.
  • Finding, I think, a combination of medicine that makes my allergies suck less: grapefruit seed extract, Allegra-D and Flonase.
  • Watching my friends’ kids personalities grow. We are blessed to know many children all under the age of four and my goodness, how fun to see them learn words and new things, see their comfort level with me and the hubs grow, watch Disney movies just because, be silly and seeing things through their eyes

What’s on your Favorites, Lately list?

3 thoughts on “Favorites, Lately

  1. Phil was a big fan of Arrested Development (I’ve never seen it!) so Life in Pieces sounds like something we would enjoy. I should check it out after the wedding!

    I hear you on life being soooo busy. I feel like I am spinning in circles right now. And the new sleep aide makes me feel super zombie-like so that does not help!! I am excited for the wedding but will be more excited when the biggest to do items are done! I’ll feel better after we make the seating cards on Sunday as that’s the biggest task left to do!

    Things I’m loving lately are my new FitBit, wearing springy clothes (except I’m back in a sweater and fall boots today since it’s soooo cold), the new project I’m on at work (even though it’s adding to that head-spinning feeling), cuddles from Oscar, and the excitement of knowing I’ll be married to a man I adore
    3 weeks from tomorrow!


  2. Oh, Life in Pieces is my favorite sitcom! I hooked a friend onto the show and she raves about it now. It’s just such a perfectly light-hearted watch!

    What I’m loving lately is Grace & Frankie (except I’m only on season 1!), planning for Puerto Rico, and reading. 🙂


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