#trypod & the ‘casts I listen to

I set a goal for myself of hitting 400,000 steps in the 40 days during Lent. Typically I have no issue hitting my 10,000 daily steps but last October I hit a bit of a roadblock due to some unexpected events (more on that another day) and I never got back in the Step Saddle. My workout didn’t take a hit, but my steps did and it showed. My body responds really well to the extra cardio, albeit steady state cardio, and so I added it back in.

All this to say, I needed things to listen to during my daily walks. I tried audiobooks and some where fine, others not so much, so I went back to the podcast app and got to work finding new, fun, mostly upbeat ones for me to listen to. During one of my many walks, I discovered that March was actually #trypod month since a lot of people still don’t know or don’t listen to podcasts. Who knew?

Podcasts that have held my attention for more than one episode:

  • The Chatty Sisters. This one is newer to the podcast game and is hosted by one of my longtime blog friends, Kelly, of She Wears a Red Sox Cap. Kelly and her sister chat each Monday about a variety of topics, so far: wedding dos & don’ts, goals they have made for the year and how to keep them, what they do for a living and an overall introduction. I love listening and laughing to what they have to say… and usually I live text Kelly when I’m listening since I can relate so well to what they say!
  • What Should I Read Next. I’m late to the game on this one, people who love the Modern Mrs. Darcy website are long-time listeners and fans. The premise is simple: you get to listen to and talk about books. Guests will share their three favorite books, one least favorite book, and at least one book they are currently reading. Then Ann Bogel will share with the guest a list of recommendations based upon their reading taste. It’s all in good fun and good spirit and I’m sure your ” to be read,” list will grow once you start listening to this one.
  • The Popcast. I started listening to this one after hearing one of the hosts, Knox, on What Should I Read Next. He and his counterpart talk about all sorts of things pop-culture related: celebrities, the rise of Disney Princesses, best on & off screen romances/relationships, and much more.
  • Terrible, Thanks for Asking. This one is a bit heavier as it deals with grief in all forms. The lady who hosts lost her husband, father and had a miscarriage all within the span of six weeks so she knows a thing or two about grief. I find this one both comforting and heartbreaking so I have to temper when I listen to it.
  • Pod Save America. One of the best (and likely only) good thing to come out of the Trump Administration is this podcast. Twice a week the hosts, speechwriters & staffers for Former President Obama, break down what’s going on in Washington DC, use colorful language, have great guests, and make me feel overall much better about a crap situation.

Ones I’ve downloaded but haven’t listened to, yet:

  • Under the Skin with Russell Brand. Yes, the comedian. Based upon the descriptions he tackle some interesting topics and he’s British, so what’s not to love?
  • The Girl Next Door Podcast. I have heard great things from friends so it’s time I get to listening.
  • Coffee + Crumbs Podcast. I have listened to just one of their episodes, focused on talking about tough seasons in marriage, their favorite resources for couples, and just talking it through. Definitely will continue to listen to this one!

What podcasts are you loving these days? Any other fun/upbeat ones I should be listening to or ones I should certainly avoid?

5 thoughts on “#trypod & the ‘casts I listen to

  1. I haven’t listened to the ones you have downloaded and intend to listen to, but Coffee + Crumbs sounds interesting as does The Girl Next Door! My favorites are WSIRN, Young House Love Has a Podcast (great for DIY/design ideas and the couple that hosts it is adorable!), Dear Sugar, Science Vs, Freakonomics, Money Planet, and the Book Riot Podcasts (my favorite is All the Books). I love podcasts so much! I listen to them when I’m on walks, in the car, doing meal prep, cleaning, you name it!!!


  2. Ooh I’m going to have to subscribe to some of those! Some of my favorites are The Babysitters Club Club (it’s hilarious), Freakonomics, Modern Love, and more. I have been meaning to do a podcast blog post for FOREVER, I just need to sit down and write it!


  3. I really need to listen to Pod Saves America, I’ve heard so many people talking about it!! I’ve started listening to a bunch of Canadian political podcasts to learn / understand more about our political landscape here and I’ve really been enjoying it. I second Lisa, young house love has a podcast is one of my favourite podcasts right now! It is super fun to listen to. Also you should go back and listen to all the episodes of Starr Struck Radio – another husband and wife podcast. When it was running regularly it was my very favourite podcast and I still think it would be worth listening to the old episodes!


  4. I am so glad you told me about Pod Save America. It is *saving* my life during this presidency, helping to sort through the crap. I also love the Crooked Media spinoff shows: Lovett or Leave It and With Friends Like These are great.

    For more light-hearted podcasts: Gilmore Guys, The Baby-Sitters Club Club, and The Shepod are great!


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